Welcome Remarks

Introducing the conference and a brief overview about World Climate Institute (WCI)

In Conversation
Climate Leadership – What Now, What Next?

World leaders have been empowering initiatives and dialogues toward a low-carbon economy to further/boost climate action.
With the world looking more and more to the south to lead on climate action and COP28 a year ahead, where do the future course of action and opportunities for collaboration lie?

In Conversation
Global Green Transition and Global Green Economy

To expand on North-South strategies to tackle climate change, as well as the collaboration opportunities that need to be accelerated to bridge the gap of green transition. The conversation will highlight India and Denmark’s partnership and initiatives for future.

In Conversation
Net Zero – What Role of Governments and What Role for Technology?

Achieving net zero is both a technological and a financial challenge. The decade is for the global south to come together and exchange knowledge, to upscale climate-friendly solutions towards a net zero economy. How can governments and institutions tap into the immense potential of new technologies to decode climate mitigation practices in both, rural and urban spaces?

Fireside Chat
SME’s and the State of Gujarat

The start-up eco system in the state of Gujarat is flourishing and a number of initiatives are being taken by the government and its allies. The discussion will highlight some of the initiatives and way forward.

Panel Discussion
Empowering Innovation in the Climate Space

As the renewable energies gain widespread cost competitiveness across the world, developing an ecosystem of green fuels and industries is crucial and requires holistic thinking in terms of understanding inter-dependencies among physical and financial sectors of the economy. This panel will discuss cross-sector public private partnerships and an innovation ecosystem required to support start-ups and new tech, and for the businesses to initiate dialogues and influence policy framework that enables de-risking and incentivising investments.

Fireside Chat
Speeding Up the Revolution

As businesses take over the prominent space to shape and achieve the country’s climate targets. Delve us more into maximising value creation from the current energy transition.

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