The World Climate Initiative

The scale and pace of climate and ecosystem change is now undermining global stability. Countries are facing multiple risks: food insecurity, increased floods and coastal erosion, health risks from air pollution, energy insecurity, drought and desertification. Businesses are suffering from supply chain risks, stranded assets, regulatory vacillation, and crippling policy uncertainty. World leaders and presidents have pledged to transition their economies to a Net Zero future but implementing policies that can deliver emission reductions and environmental gains without short term political pain has often eluded law makers.

The World Climate Institute (WCI) is a London-based think tank that is focused on implementation. We ensure that the policy ambitions of governments result in the successful implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation projects around the globe. As such we support national governments in their endeavors to achieve their NDCs, SDGs, and their GFANZ and Paris Climate commitments. We do this by mapping policy synergies between governments, businesses and civil society to advance equitable climate action.

Our research analyses the structure of existing and proposed regulation and matches it to practical scientific solutions. We bring together the commercial and financial power of business with technological, engineering and ecological expertise to plan and deliver specific projects that garner public support behind a government’s climate commitments. The result is to reduce risk, both physical and financial; to maximise policy coherence; to achieve genuine emissions reductions, promote equitable growth and increase resilience in line with the Sendai Framework.

Our programs identify country specific objectives around three main thematic areas of energy generation & transition, energy efficiency & demand reduction, and land use change & adaptation. In all of these areas, the informed consent of communities is obtained through public education and respect for human rights. These are the areas where WCI believes the synergies between the government, business and society can most effectively achieve the global climate targets set during the Paris Accords and the Glasgow Climate Pact.

Antonios Vouloudis
Director, Sustainability and Stewardship, NYU, Abu Dhabi

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