WCI Observatory

The need for sound data on which to build appropriate responses to the challenge of climate change will be met by the WCI Observatory. The Observatory will work with key partners in business, NGOs and scientific bodies to structure data that currently exists in silos. It will integrate this with open access sources to create accurate baseline assessments that are vital for successful policy implementation.

The WCI observatory is designed as a climate lab where existing data models and
GIS technology is analyzed, interpreted and synthesized into structured solutions to specific climate related problems.

The Observatory encompasses The Global Energy Matrix (GEM), a first of its kind data initiative aimed at capturing trends of energy transition from fossils to clean fuel. This matrix acts as a catalyst for successful energy transition models across the globe that can be adopted and adapted to the particular circumstances of a country, region, city or rural community.

Also incorporated within The Observatory is the WCI 500, a detailed listing of the top climate-friendly businesses from across the globe. The WCI 500 sets out the targets, strategies and achievements these companies have made in risk reduction, ensuring sustainable supply chains, reducing corporate emissions and creating carbon and biodiversity gains. This listing is to show and encourage other businesses about what is possible — a resource of best practice.

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